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In addition to full length training seminars (click HERE to view the list), we also offer lectures. Here are some sample topics.


  • How to Have An Amazing Marriage
  • How to Let Love In
  • Igniting and Re-Igniting Marital Intimacy
  • How to Discover Your Unique Marital Blueprint
  • How to Keep Your Marriage Moving on an Upward Trend
  • How to Make Dialogue a Way of Life
  • How to Manage Religious Conflicts in Marriage
  • What happens to the Marriage When the Kids Are Gone?
  • How to Navigate Marriage and the Workplace
  • How Can I Change My Spouse, for Heaven’s Sake?
  • Conflict Resolution



  • Am I ready to date?
  • The Art of Building a Courtship
  • How to Ask and Answer Questions
  • Critical Communication Skills
  • How to Parent a Dating Single
  • How to Get Un-Stuck in Dating
  • How to Make The Decision


  • How to Build Rapport with your Kids
  • How to Parent for Life
  • Parenting in the Public Eye
  • Discipline: The Role of the Rod
  • Dealing with Chutzpah
  • Taming Tantrums
  • How to Say “No”
  • How to Parent Like Your Childrens’ Lives Depend on It
  • How to Focus on What Matters Most
  • The Core Principles of Parenting
  • Rapid Alert: Riding the Waves of Adolescence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • How to Parent a Dating Single



  • How to Teach Like Your Students’ Lives Depend On It
  • Strategies for Teaching the ADHD Student
  • Bullying, Cliques, and Aggression
  • How and How Not to Motivate Students
  • How to Love the Unlovable Student
  • The Role of Recess
  • How to Win Parents and Influence Their Children
  • Conflict Resolution

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Contact: 1-855-MAP-SEMI or info@mapseminars.com

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