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mapessentialsclick“M.A.P. Essentials” is our signature seminar where we teach people our MAP method, a life mapping system that puts an end to ambiguous living and stimulates drive and purpose. Participants will learn how to develop a map that is driven by the full weight of their values, personality, skills, and talents… that will help them be motivated, ambitious, and passionate about the things that matter most. Click here for complete details

“The Countdown” is for singles starting from 12th grade. It is designed to facilitate the transition from adolescence to adulthood by introducing powerful tools – including self-alignment, goal setting, and power thinking systems – to address the most fundamental questions of growing up yet rarely addressed: Who am I? What do I really want? How can I make it happen? Click here for complete details and video promo

leadershipexperiencebanner“The Leadership Experience” puts participants in the leadership driver’s seat. They set the agendas, identify their passions, take responsibility for their opinions, and position themselves to make a real difference. TLE forces participants to draw on a range of leadership behaviors such as rapport building, goal setting, and decision-making, and empowers them to step up and take initiative. Click here for complete details

“Are you Ready?” is for singles considering or starting to date. It is designed to help them make sure they really know themselves and that they are really prepared to marry. They will identify the attitudes and qualities required most for marriage, clarify their criteria for a spouse, present themselves to a shadchan, and stay true to themselves while dealing with pressures of dating. Click here for complete details and video promo

“Dating Essentials” is for dating singles and is equally appropriate for beginning as well as seasoned daters. It is designed to help them evaluate and elicit clarity before, during, and after dates, communicate effectively, develop the courtship from date to date, stay positive and focused, know how to utilize help appropriately, and make confident decisions through commitment. Click here for complete details and video promo

“Advanced Dating Webinar” is for dating singles and addresses many of the common situations and challenges that get people during courtship and, especially, in decision making, stuck. It is designed to offer effective strategies that work in dating as well as other areas of life, and is equally appropriate for beginning as well as seasoned daters. Click here for complete details

marriageessentialswordpress“Marriage Essentials” is for engaged and young couples, as well as for seasoned couples that want to revisit the fundamentals of marriage. It addresses the 7 biggest challenges couples face during their first year of marriage, including communication, making room for each other, expectations, in-laws, adjustments, and how to continue to court after the chupah. Click here for complete details and video promo

“Rapid Alert” is for parents, teachers, and mentors of pre-teens and teenagers. It is designed to help participants prepare teenagers for the turbulent years of adolescence, speak to them about difficult and sensitive topics, understand and support them even when they are being impossible, and be relevant to to their teenagers’ lives. Call for complete details.

“Creating the Marriage you Always Wanted” is a transformational 2-day intensive workshop for married and engaged couples. Based on Imago’s “Getting the Love You Want” workshop, couples will develop effective communication skills, resolve long-standing conflict, transform frustrations into opportunities for growth, acquire skills to energize their relationship, and connect in deep ways. Click here for complete details.

life mastery seminars“Life Mastery Skills” is a collection of seminars for critical life skills. They include separate seminars for goal-setting, decision-making, rapport-building, and conflict resolution. These skills are the tools for intrapersonal and interpersonal excellence. Masters of these skills will gain a well-developed sense of self. Contact us for complete details.

Yom Kippur requires us to reflect on who we are and to use timeless goal setting strategies to make real changes in our lives. “How Can I Change, for Heaven’s Sake?”, our seminar based on the book by the same title, offers a ten-step plan, along with a detailed workbook, by which participants can develop personal resolutions that are just right for them. Click here for details

“Getting Things Done” is for people of all ages. It is a seminar that provides strategies on how to get unstuck, resolve stifling ambivalence, find your passion, and bring out your potential. The seminar also offers several litmus tests for participants to determine their levels of desire. It is offered free on our interactive webinar platform. Click here for details and video promo.

“Who are you, for Heaven’s Sake” is a Pesach workshop for people of all ages. It draws on the connection between Purim and Pesach, as well as the Maharal’s insight into the role of the matzah, to lead participants on a journey that peels away at the layers of their identity and takes them to the core of who they are. It is offered free on our interactive webinar platform. Click here for details.

shavuoswebpage“What is our Mission, for Heaven’s Sake” is a pre-Shavuos workshop for people of all ages. After experiencing the Purim-Pesach season during which we defined our national identity, we continue the journey by learning how to view Torah as defining the mission that that identity requires of us. This webinar is offered free on our interactive webinar platform. Click here for details.


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