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Character Portfolio

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Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.09.11 PMThe Character Portfolio is the one tool you need to teach and reinforce character development. It’s a simple, economical, and easy to implement initiative that will transform the entire way you approach character education.

The Character Portfolio is made up of a folder, a pad, and optional character cards that can be used for additional incentive.

But, as unassuming as it is, its impact is powerful.

In short, the Character Portfolio establishes a mindset that motivates a child to recognize and take on the challenges that build character. It isolates the five building blocks that go into meeting those challenges, and then shows how they relate to one another. It offers a clear path to success, and restores two of the most important words that build character but have lonScreen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.23.04 PMg been neglected in the classroom curriculum – “Why” and “How” – bringing to the forefront the motivations and strategies that we need in order to become great.

The Character Portfolio is highly adaptable. It can be easily integrated into any curriculum, religious or secular, and – with minimal adjustments – can be used both with elementary as well as high school students.

Parents can also use the Character Portfolio with their children at home, independently, or most effectively, along with the school.

In fact, the Character Portfolio even works with adults, and the teachers and parents that use it with their kids will find themselves building their own character in the process.

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